Blown-in Insulation & Dust Removal

Blown in insulation is usually made up of cellulose or loose fibreglass fibres which are sprayed into a space to create a blanket of insulation. It’s a quick approach and can be used to treat small or difficult spaces, such as cavity walls and attics, where the access might be limited. If blown in insulation is damaged though damp, fire, infestation, or simply age, then it should be professionally removed and replaced. Otherwise it simply won’t do the job you need it to.

What Is Blown-in Insulation?

Blown in insulation is used in attics and cavity walls, to improve the insulation of the home. It is often used to retro-fit older properties, as it is flexible and can be applied to tight and awkward spaces. Blown in insulation is really the only feasible option to retro-fit cavity walls which are lacking insulation. Blown in insulation is where a loose material such as cellulose or loose fibreglass fibres is blown into a space to be insulated. This is a quick way to add a layer of insulation, compared to batt insulation which can be tricky as moving large rolls of insulating material into an attic for example is exhausting.

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Why Might I Need Blown-in Insulation Removal?

Blown in insulation can become worn, dirty or damaged, at which point it might need to be removed and replaced. Damaged insulation won’t do its job properly, which will mean that you see your energy costs rise, and your home is not as efficient as you might like it to be. Blown in cellulose material in particular can be a problem if it gets wet. If you use it in an attic for example, and it becomes wet due to a leak, it is hard to get it to dry out – and damp materials are prone to mold and mildew. This can damage the indoor air quality and cause problems for people with respiratory illnesses, if the mold enters the air in the home.

Can I Remove Blown-in Insulation Myself?

We would recommend that you have a professional from Insulation Removal Perth come and remove the blown in insulation in your home. Although it may be possible to do this yourself as a homeowner, this would require you to manually fill and remove bags of insulation, which would then be dragged through the house, releasing dangerous dust and mold particles as they go. If the insulation is made of older materials it might be even more dangerous, as some old fiberglass is damaging to health without proper treatment. A professional approach will use a large vacuum to remove the blown in insulation without it ever entering your home.

Our Blown-in Insulation and Dust Removal Service

We use specialist equipment to make sure that all traces of blown in insulation and dust are removed without them ever passing through your home. We use a large vacuum to do this, which has a long tube to reach right into the space it is needed in – let’s say your attic. The vacuum unit remains outside the home and pulls the insulation and any dust towards it, without going through the house itself. All particles are then captured in specialist filtered bags which stop them from being released into the environment again.

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