Ceiling Repair Perth

If you have damage to your ceiling, we can help you put it right. Maybe there is water damage after a leak in the attic. Or perhaps you have cracks after previous settlement issues in your home. Or – and you would be surprised how often it happens – maybe somebody put a foot wrong in the attic and found themselves with one leg dangling into their bedroom. Don’t panic, it can all be fixed, and in a way you would never know what had happened. Give us a call today, or drop us an email using the contact page here on the website, to arrange a repair.

Why Might I Need a Ceiling Repair Perth?

We can help you with ceiling repair, from fixing up small cracks and moisture damage, to a bigger job where someone has accidentally stepped through a bedroom ceiling when trying to move around in the attic. With an experienced team of contractors, and years of working with the community here in Perth, you can bet we have seen it all. So if you’ve got a small ceiling crack caused by settling, if you have damage to your ceiling caused by boisterous kids throwing a ball indoors, or if you’ve accidentally put your foot through your own bedroom ceiling when grabbing something from the attic, give us a call.

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Can I Repair My Ceiling Myself?

Ceiling repairs can be tricky, not least because you’ll be working at height. Firstly you’ll need to identify the structure of the ceiling. While most modern houses use plasterboard, period properties might not. You’ll need to be confident enough to identify damaged areas of ceiling and remove them, fitting in a ceiling patch safely and without damaging the structure of your home. And to get a decent finish you’ll also need to be fairly handy with plaster work, to make sure your patch lies flush to the rest of the ceiling. All in all, unless you’re very experienced in home renovations, getting in an expert is a far better idea.

Specialist Ceiling Finishes

We can also help you if your ceiling has a specialist finish, such as textured plaster work. If a textured ceiling is damaged it can be tricky to repair it in a way that keeps the texturing even across both the original ceiling and the repair. Our skilled experts can help you achieve the finish you want overall, so nobody need know there was ever any damage to your ceiling. If you need advice or a friendly chat with a contractor, get in touch today using the details available on the contact page here on the website.

Our Ceiling Repair Perth Service

Whatever has happened to damage your ceiling, we can help you put it right. From simple cracks to large holes, and old, new, or textured ceiling structures, or even roof ventilation service, we can offer a patch or repair which blends in perfectly with your existing ceiling. Our friendly team are professional and courteous and will come to assess the damage and offer advice on the best way to fix it up. Work is carried out quickly, and with no mess, leaving you to simply get on with your day. Get in touch with Insulation Removal Perth, if you need a ceiling repair.


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We would be delighted to welcome you to our ever growing list of happy customers in the Perth area and beyond. Whatever service you need, from insulation removal, to ceiling repairs and down light protection guards, we can help. Give us a call on the number available on this website, or visit the contact page for more information on how to get a site visit and a no obligation quote.

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