Debris Removal & Vacuum

If you have just moved to a new property and discovered that the attic or similar space has debris and dust which needs to be removed, we can help. We are also the right team to get in, if you have had a specific issue such as a rodent infestation or damp issue in your home, or if the time has come to clear your own attic. Because we have specialist experience and equipment we can deal with even the toughest of spaces, and remove all dust, and other contaminants like mold and mildew particles, to improve the quality of the air in your home.

Why Might I Need Debris Removal and Vacuum?

Often a need to remove and replace insulation comes with an additional requirement to shift debris and dust from the area before work can commence. For example, if you’re having insulation removed from your attic, there might well be debris and junk in there, as well as dirt and dust which has accumulated over the years. Getting this out can be tricky thanks to tight spaces and awkward access. This is where we can help. Whatever debris you need to remove, we can include this as part of our service, and then inspect and if needed remove damaged insulation from the area afterwards.

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Dust and Mold

One reason you might need help with debris removal and vacuuming, is if there is a lot of dust, mold or mildew in the area. Again, we see this commonly in the attic, where time and neglect mean that items become dirty and dusty. This issue is compounded if there is a leak, or any trapped moisture which can cause mold and mildew to from. These particles can very easily get into the air on your home, and are damaging to the health of the family – particularly younger kids, and anyone with an existing respiratory problem. Our vacuum service uses industrial and specialist equipment to make sure all dust and particles are cleared from the area and do not escape into your home.

Infestation and Rodent Problems

Another common issue we help with, is where rodents, rats or other pests have got into a tight space like the attic and created damage. Dealing with animal waste is not something that should be done by a homeowner, as these particles can again be damaging to health. Instead, you should let a professional such as a contractor from Insulation Removal Perth come along to assess the issue, and create a quote to clear up any mess that has been created. We can then also deal with any damage to insulation that has been done by the infestation. Treating problems like these quickly is always the best way to minimise hazards and reduce damage.

Our Debris Removal and Vacuum Service

Whatever project you call us into your home for, we are proud to work cleanly, and make sure that we leave the work area in a good condition. If we are removing insulation from your property, or carrying out other works, you can be assured that we can also remove debris and dust from the site as necessary. Or, if you have a tricky space like an attic which needs debris clearing – or need some specialist vacuum equipment to deal with a build up of dust, we can help. Give us a call today to arrange a site visit by one of your friendly team.

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